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Noopept 2 gramy
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Adrafinil 2 gramy
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DMAE 250 Gram
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Koenzym Q10 100mg - 100 Kapsułek
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Multiwitamina z D3 + K2 - 100 Tabletek
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Multiwitamina z D3 + K2 - 50 Tabletek
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Alpha GPC increases the level of choline, which is a precursor to acetylcholine – one of the crucial neurotransmitter for effective learning. It influences memory formation, logical reasoning, analytical thinking and many, many more. Although for the first side we recognize acetylcholine generally as a ‘procognitive booster’ which impacts mental features, we should not forget that it is likewise responsible for muscle contractions and growth hormone production.
As we can see, an adequate level of acetylcholine is essential not only for successful students, talented scientists or creative developers but also for sportsmen. Though this neurotransmitter could be manufactured in some dozes in our body, a poor in nutrients diets (deficient in good fats, eggs and good quality, non-processed meat) could lead to low level of acetylcholine, and in result to cognitive problems and brain fog.

Alpha GPC is water-soluble, has a very good bioavailability and it passes the blood-brain barrier rapidly. This potent cholinergic compound improves general cognitive functions, including concentration and data-recall. What is more, this choline precursor promotes the good quality of sleep and proper Circadian rhythm. It is also a very potent remedy in neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s or dementia; it supports accurate mental functioning and memorization along with formation of new synapsis.

Alpha GPC is used by bodybuilders or athletes in their mass gainers or pre-workout stacks: it increases growth hormone secretion and helps build a musculature. What’s more, it promotes excellent motor control and positively affects overall body coordination.


The positive effects of Alpha GPC supplementation in a nutshell:

  • Develops better coordination and body balance
  • Helps build a lean muscle mass and accelerates regeneration after training
  • Boost learning processes, knowledge acquisition and concentration
  • Increases focus and prolongs attention span
  • Promotes neural plasticity and overall brain health in elderly people
  • Prevents cognitive decline
  • Increases the amount of REM phase during sleep and provides more intense dreams
  • Improves mood and boost energy



Alpha GPC is a reliable supplement to optimize your brain functions and boost your fluid intelligence. This cholinergic nootropic is suitable for vegetarians; while a lot of supplements with Alpha GPC are made synthetically, some Alpha GPC sources could be derived from vegetable sources like soy or sunflower oil.
As a cholinergic compound, Alpha GPC is recommended as a match for nootropics which increases a demand for choline, like noopept or some racetams (for example with aniracetam). To upsurge cholinergic potential, it is suggested to take Alpha GPC together with natural herb supplements like ginkgo biloba. Many conducted researches proved that is non-toxic and safe; it carries almost no risk even for newbies.

It is available in two different forms: Alpha GPC 50% and Alpha GPC 100%.

Alpha GPC 100% is a special alternative almost twice more potent than 50% version. Although is very powerful, it is also extremely hygroscopic and requires more care during storage. Alpha GPC 100% powder absorbing moisture really fast after the opening of the package and exposure to air. Improper preservation can turn it easily into a form of a gel. To keep all the features and capabilities of Alpha GPC 100%, this supplement should be stored in a dry, dark place, away from any water source and best with moisture absorbers.

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